Rostfrei Publishing started as an idea of creating a platform for bringing to light visual content we find inspiring, critical and inventive.
That is what we did for many years with a trans-Balkan street magazine called Kontejner
and now we feel that it is time to take it to another level.
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  • October 2017
    Exhibition Top Location

    Opening of the exhibition and photobook launch:
    “Top Location” [Jaka Babnik & Miha Colner]
    19 Oct. at 8pm at UAUU.Univerzalni Atelje Uličnih Umetnosti, Ljubljana

  • August 2017
    Top Location

    Pre-preview of the new project Top Location of Jaka Babnik
    at Street Gallery – Pazi, sveža grafika! / Watch out! Wet print! #6 (Vegova street, Ljubljana, Slovenia].
    More soon.

  • August 2017
    Jafre, Cataluna, Spain

    Bienal de Jafre
    5-6 August 2017, Jafre
    Jaka Babnik’s project ‘Why So Serious?’ On The eighth edition of the Jafre Bienale.

    Book Why So Serious? is available here:

  • July 2017
    Video – Inside the book

    Look inside the book “Why so serious?” on Vimeo.

  • May 2017
    Why So Serious?

    New photobook Why So Serious? by Jaka Babnik is available in our book section. “Civilised“ and an „uncivilised“ paradoxes of the Balkan world calling for your attention.
    Do not miss the special large format.
    Published in colaboration with Miklova hiša Gallery.