Rostfrei Publishing started as an idea of creating a platform for bringing to light visual content we find inspiring, critical and inventive.
That is what we did for many years with a trans-Balkan street magazine called Kontejner
and now we feel that it is time to take it to another level.
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  • February 2018
    Discussing the photobook ‘Top Location’

    Tuesday 13. February,  at 6pm at Valvasor Library, Krško:
    discussing the photobook ‘Top Location’, about the phenomenon of decorated roundabouts in Slovenia and Europe. [Miha Colner, Jaka Babnik, Vilko Planinc]

  • January 2018
    So, how do you feel?

    An inspiration for the body of work presented in this book comes from a pagan heeling practice called “saljevanje strave” (the ritual of pouring led into water and than reading from it) that is still practiced in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

    Take three deep breaths is book by Emir Šehanović

    Video by Tomaž Šantl

  • December 2017
    Top Location – video

    Something behind the stories of roundabounts:
    Top Location / Lesce / Tribute to Slovenian pop-folk composer and musician Slavko Avsenik:
    The sculpture, complete with keyboard, accordion and traditional umbrella, symbolises the music of Avsenik Ensemble. It was designed by Klemen Rodman who aimed to conjure the touching and withdrawing of the backdrop of keyboard and accordion and the contact of the sculpture with the mountains Triglav, Golica and Roblek.
    Filmed by Tomaž Šantl


  • December 2017
    Top location

    Some new top location on the way. The roundabout in Mozirje by night [photo: Matija Plevnik].
    Check our book here.


  • November 2017
    Fotodokumenti2017 – Belgrade

    Top Location and other Rostfrei Publishing photobooks are going to be showcased in frames of the exhibition Collective Practices and Photography at Kulturni centar Beograda / curated by Fotodokumenti.
    November 9 – December 7