• July 2017
    Video – Inside the book

    Look inside the book “Why so serious?” on Vimeo.

  • May 2017
    Why So Serious?

    New photobook Why So Serious? by Jaka Babnik is available in our book section. “Civilised“ and an „uncivilised“ paradoxes of the Balkan world calling for your attention.
    Do not miss the special large format.
    Published in colaboration with Miklova hiša Gallery.

  • April 2017
    Special Pre-sale

    Special Pre-sale price for photobooks of Jaka Babnik: Why So Serious?, only on Wednesday 12 April.


  • April 2017
    Opening of the exhibition

    Jaka Babnik: Why So Serious?
    Wednesday, 12 April at 7pmMiklova Hiša Gallery, Ribnica

    In his new series of photographs Why So Serious?, Jaka Babnik captures the apparent paradoxes in the external appearance of the cultural landscape he lives and works in.
    Instead of giving a strong statement, the images reflect some of the main issues related to the development of living spaces.


  • March 2017

    A few words about upcoming show Jaka Babnik Why so serious? at Galerija Miklova hiša. A book will be published by Rostfrei Publishing and Galerija Miklova hiša. Video made by Tomaž Šantl.


  • 14. 3. 2017

    Things are about to get serious.

  • September 2016
    New book by Emina Djukić, COLOR

    The book with data of approx. 10.000m2 of surface between Road Gorenjska, Street of Komandant Stane, railway line Ljubljana – Kranj and Street of Franc Barle in Medvode, Slovenia.

    From the 1920s untill today.

    Out soon.

  • 3. 9. 2015
    Tadej Vaukman’s Dick Skinners exhibition

    If you happen to be in Basel this week, please stop by the Gallery Daeppen (Müllheimerstrasse 144, 4057, Basel, Switzerland) on Saturday, 5th September, at 18:00 for the opening of Tadej Vaukman’s Dick Skinners exhibition, that will be on display till 10th of October. For more info please visit galleries website at www.gallery-daeppen.com/.

  • Dick Skinners, Book by Tadej Vaukman

    10. 7. 2015

    The book Dick Skinners by Tadej Vaukman is available in our web store.

  • 5. 6. 2015
    In Printing

    Today the “DICK SKINNERS”, a photo book by Tadej Vaukman, went in-to printing. More news coming soon. Very soon!