Rostfrei Publishing started as an idea of creating a platform for bringing to light visual content we find inspiring, critical and inventive.
That is what we did for many years with a trans-Balkan street magazine called Kontejner
and now we feel that it is time to take it to another level.
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  • September 2019

    Indigo x Caffeine Hours 2019, 12. 9.–13. 9. 2019
    Ljubljana, ZRC SAZU atrium, Novi trg 2
    In collaboration with Look Backandlaugh.
    Art book fair featuring local and international independent and micro-publishers, and a meeting of designers, illustrators, photographers and artists.
    Find the Rostfrei Publishing table there. >>>

  • Avgust 2019

    INDIGO FESTIVAL, Nobody Cares? 11. 9.–13. 9. 2019
    All we want is peace and quiet. We withdraw to detachment, vegging out in privacy, until someone knocks on our door. Personal integrity and the possibility of solidarity have been taken away from us, while, squinting over our bedsheets, we gloomily observe world events or simply lock our hearts away to guard them from the evil. Should we care? Perhaps the last stanza of the European anthem Ode to Joy exposes some of these antagonisms: “Yes – he too who but one being on this earth can call his own! He who ne’er was able, weeping stealeth from this league alone!”
    LOCATIONS: Ljubljana -Trg francoske revolucije, Gosposka ulica, Križevniška ulica, Novi trg, Ambrožev trg square park

  • Celje FOKUS-Everyday Banalities

    June 2019

    Celje FOKUS: Everyday Banalities
    28-30 June 2019 / Celje, Slovenia
    exhibitions, symposium, meetings
    This year’s edition of the festival Celje FOKUS is dedicated to the theme ‘Everyday Banalities’ which addresses notions of photography and visual culture in relation to ordinary, everyday, non-spectacular, familiar, bizarre or even dull situations. During the opening weekend of the festival exhibitions, international symposium, presentations and meetings will take place in different venues across town of Celje.
    Participants: Anja Carr / Anna Ehrenstein / Fotosfera / Miroslav Karic / Martin Kollar / Borut Krajnc / Davor Konjikusic / Sandra Krizic Roban / Sladjana Petrovic Varagic / Klaus Pichler / Peter Rauch / Sara Rman
    Venues: Mladinski center Celje / Likovni salon / Galerija Račka / Galerija Plevnik Kronkowska / Slovensko ljudsko gledališče Celje

  • Photography, photo book

    June 2019
    Slovenski vikend @ Office for Photography, Zagreb
    Subota 8. 6. u 11.00 – Galerija Spot; Pričanje priča o opijumskim ratovima uz sudjelovanje Neje Tomšič, autorice knjige Opium Clippers (Rostfrei Publishing). Vizualna umjetnica, pjesnikinja i spisateljica Neja Tomšič izvest će prigodnu čajnu ceremoniju, uz pričanje (istinitih) priča o zaboravljenim epizodama iz svjetske povijesti.
    Subota 8. 6. u 17.00 – Galerija Spot; Diskusija o izdavaštvu i drugim DIY/DIT praksama u području fotografije i umjetnosti
    Sudjeluju: Jaka Babnik, Bojan Radovič, Peter Rauch; Moderira: Sandra Križić Roban
    Nedjelja 9. 6. u 11.00 – Galerija Spot; Pričanje priča o opijumskim ratovima uz sudjelovanje Neje Tomšič, autorice knjige “Opium Clippers” (Rostfrei Publishing)

  • European network YVAA

    May 2019

    Tadej Vaukman is the winner of OHO Young Visual Artist Award 2019.
    The award is a part of the wider international European network YVAA (Young Visual Artist Award), established in 2006. The network connects the producers and organisers of related awards that are given out for recent achievements in the field of contemporary visual arts.
    His new piece will be on show at P74 Gallery, Ljubljana, Slovenia until 28 May 2019!
    Congratulations from Rostfrei Publishing Team!