At Rostfrei Publishing we would like to encourage and welcome your interest for submitting your book proposal and would like to ask you to try and meet as many of the guidelines below when submitting your work:

• We except submissions in digital form (PDF, etc.), but would like to encourage an artist to send in a dummy of the book, to give an idea of the format, image sequence, number of pages, etc.

• Submission should include an artist’s statement about the project and an explanation of why his project should be presented in a book form.

• Every submission should come with a dated and signed artist’s statement, where it has to be clearly stated, that the person submitting for publication is a sole creator and a legal and beneficial owner of all the rights in the work. That the submitted work has not been copied wholly or substantially from some other work or material. And that person submitting in unaware of any infringement upon the rights of any third party that will result from the publication of the work.

• Submission should include artist’s CV, e-mail and home address.

• We don’t except originals, or materials of any value.

• You can expect a response to your submission in 30 days from receiving it.

• Please send your digital submissions to

• Please send you printed submission to RF d.o.o, Vodnikova 163, 1000, Ljubljana, Slovenia, Europe.